Right now, instead of seeing #Blue Scholars LIVE at the Fillmore, I am home working on a Board memo. What is wrong with me? (“…And now you tryna to change the world when your home is a mess…Got your priorities mixed huh, you failin’ the test”)

"the Northwest fills the lungs; heals the pain in my chest…"
- Joe Metro, Blue Scholars

                                         Upper left, here I come!  :) 

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new Blue Scholars.

“Never heard of this, city getting murderous —
occupation dangerous like Philippine journalists.
Crazy and deranged they describe him in the same pages
that would call him terrorist, if not for the melanin deficiency.

Gang problem bigger than just juvenile delinquency.
Gangs is survival if environments is grimy.
To begin with — speaking of which, let’s be consistent —
Today is called a tragedy, yesterday a statistic.”

“I was approached by The Seattle Times to write an op-ed guest column commenting on the recent gun violence in Seattle. So I wrote a rap and they liked it and posted the lyrics here (w/ video) in the online Sunday edition (June 10th). People asked for a studio version so I quickly recorded the verses over this Sabzi beat from last year and the homie Justo came through with the clutch 90-minute mix down. Thank you for listening.

- Geo/Prometheus Brown”

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"Live from occupied Duwamish territory
Where Carlos Bulosan once lived to tell the story
Of the brain, sweat, and glory of mic checks and men
Who fight the destination we were destined to end”

- Blue Scholars, North By Northwest

Prometheus Brown on Occupy via Al Jazeera

'Occupy' protests across the country are promising, though often deaf to the issues facing people of colour.